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Third time still a charm for endearing toys

It's hard to believe it's been 15 years since Pixar Animation Studios changed the world of animation with Toy Story...

The A-Team: Over the top and proud of it

You know the drill.

A crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit.

These men promptly...

Editor still needed for dull Karate Kid remake

Moments after the credits of The Karate Kid ended - more than two-and-a-half hours after the listed show time - I was left with only one question: Where has all the magic gone?

Great comedic chemistry fuels bizarre Greek road trip

As Roscoe Lee Browne might have said, the first hazard for a supporting character given their own movie is the extreme increase in screen time - the adulation can spin them quite giddy.

Persia gives video game movies a better name

Remember those old Nintendo games? The kind you had to blow on until you were blue in the face? Only to have it lock up when you're finally about to...

Redgrave, Seyfried dazzle in charming 'Letters'

As it turns out, Letters to Juliet is a very charming and enjoyable romantic comedy.

Robin Hood: Men in Rewrites

When Ridley Scott's take on the Robin Hood legend was announced a couple years back, film buffs quivered with excitement.

After all, it was...

'Iron Man 2' a solid sequel

Iron Man 2 does everything the second part of an action trilogy should. The gang's all here and having a literal blast, the excitement ante's been upped, and promises of a third installment are all present and accounted for.

A Zzzzzzzz on Elm Street

There's a lot more to like in director Samuel Bayer's remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street than most people would expect. It's moody, surprisingly low on the gore meter and it's got a few nice scares. But despite the best efforts of Bayer and cinematographer Jeff Cutter, it's just plain boring.

'Losers' lost in cliche

The Losers, like a Bazooka Joe gum wrapper, slips between the seat cushions, out of sight, out of mind and out of gum. There's little to chew on, except maybe some gratuitous eye candy, in what boils down to a mindless series of action-movie cliches.

Fantastic ensemble brings life to this 'Funeral'

Death at a Funeral has two major things going for it: Fantastic acting and excellent timing. Director Neil LaBute - who was a playwright before he ventured into films - understands how stage comedy works and keeps the action moving at all times, bouncing between characters dealing with odd situations in humorous ways.

'Kick-Ass' kicks ass

This brutally entertaining action comedy has all the trappings of a director's vision. It's as if director Matthew Vaughn told studio executives to take their PG-13 rating and shove it, resulting in an uninhibited, creative film that screams fun, along with some other choice profanity.

'Imaginarium' a spectacle of storytelling

Visually captivating and dramatically engrossing, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is pure Terry Gilliam - the line between fiction and reality is gleefully muddled; the mood is dark, yet fun and offbeat; the casting impeccable; and its grandiose visual effects work wonders.

Carell and Fey have fun 'Date,' if nothing special

The good news is that Date Night is exactly what one would expect from the previews: silly, funny and light.

Release the expensive and unnecessary remakes!

Clash of the Titans is exactly what you would expect from a modern-day remake of a movie from the early 1980s.

Fun times in the Hot Tub Time Machine

Any review of Hot Tub Time Machine, I believe, must start with a question: Does...

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is well-written fun

Ah, the horrors of middle school.

Like some cruel limbo between childhood and adolescence, it's a cringe-worthy lesson in growing up, lined...

Damon thriller is exciting, if a bit preachy

It's no secret that Matt Damon has surprised many people by turning into quite the action star.

Damon, once known for excellent low-key...

Pattinson romance memorable for wrong reason

Remember Me, for 100 minutes, is a surprisingly effective drama about some rather interesting characters.

Not much wonder in 'Wonderland'

Remember what the dormouse said: "Feed your head."

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