Online Advertising Questions

We have compiled a list of questions to assist you with getting the most out of your advertising campaigns. Make sure you ask us these advertising interview questions as well as our competitors. The more research you do and advertising questions you ask, the more informed you will be towards starting a successful marketing campaign.

Can I view your Google Analytics data?

If it was a car, you would say "Show me the CARFAX". If it's a website, say "Show me the Google Analytics". Google Analytics has become an online standard for website statistics. There are many different website statistics systems out there that are often inaccurate such as webalizer and Awstats. Compare Webalizer, Awstats, and Google Analytics. If the website you are about to advertise on doesn't have Google Analytics, then you may not be getting the exposure that you think you are. Verify that you are getting what you are paying for by asking for the Google Analytics website traffic report.

How many unique visitors does your site get monthly?

A unique visitor is a measure of specific visitors to a website using a specific device. This number is not affected by repeat visits from the same device. This number can give you a more accurate estimate of how many people you are truly reaching through your advertising campaign.

How many visits does your site get monthly?

This is not the same as a unique visitor. A visit consist of a single visit to the site. A unique visitor can make many visits to the site in a single day, but the number of visits only increase on the initial load of the website per browser session. If a visitor logs onto a website and looks at 5 pages, then it only counts as 1 visit and 5 page views. If the visitor leaves the site completely and comes back to the site at a later time, then another visit is counted.

How many page views does your site get monthly?

A page view is a single view of a page. A visitor could visit a website once and view 5 pages of the site (5 page views).

NOTE: Do not confuse this with a "hit"
. A page view can end up being many hits. A hit is the number of times the webpage makes a request to the server for information. If a basic page has 1 image on it only, then 1 page view would equal (1 image hit + 1 html file hit) totalling 2 hits. Typically, 1 page view can be 5+ hits depending on the content of the page. This measurement was used as a way to measure traffic in the early 1990s. Today, sites are more robust and contain many files,so the hit measurement is quite inflated. Make sure that you request to see page views not hits.

Where are your visitors coming from?

Google analytics is great for showing location demographics of the visitors. Ask for a pie chart of global traffic and ask for a pie chart of traffic in the United States. Look for what percentage of traffic is outside of the United States. There will be traffic from outside this country for various reasons, but United States traffic should be at least 90%. The United States pie chart will show percentages of each state. You can go even more in-depth, as far as to asking a pie chart for the state and so on. All of this data will give you an idea of whether or not the site has the visitors you want to target.